Very perfect and knowledgeable person in this field of astrology and is held in a very respectable position and national and international awards for its excellence. We are very convinced of Astrologer Keshav Mishra work.
Ankur Gupta
Business Man
I made appointment last year for some general predictions and pointed out some specific problems that have occurred in my life, and I have taken the appropriate remedies, and now I am completely sure. Thank you, VedicGlobe, for Effective Astrology Service.
Hemant Kapoor
I was looking for an astrologer to share my marriage problem and make the solution workable. I have Keshav Mishra met a few days. He not only explained to me why all the problems occurred during this period and gave me some simple Remedies to do and now I am happy. Thanks to him for his help and advice.
Kaushik Singh
Excellent astrologer and Goog Astrology Services, very useful and the predictions are correct. I recommend people who need peace and happiness in their lives.
Astrologer keshav Mishra is a perfect astrologer whose predictions are very close to the truth and the solutions he offers are very useful to make life easier. Highly Recommended
Shailja Rastogi
A brilliant astrologer, things did not go in my direction and he explained very well what the problem was and he gave me simple remedies that helped me. Thanks to Best Astrologer Keshav Mishra.
Prateek Sharma
Keshav Mishra is a kind person of the heart ... And he is a very famous person in astrology in India! One of my friends suggested that I visit them with all kinds of problems that happen in my daily life. I feel better after visiting him.
Vikrant Dubey
Self Employed
If you want to have the best astrology expert, visit VedicGlobe, an expert in astrology, very authentic and experienced.He listens patiently and begins to explain the whole process in a simple and clear way.
Sudhir Maheshwari
Work at Wipro
One of the best astrologers for the genius of astrologer Keshav Mishra in India. He helped me and the best result is great now. Highly Recommended
Swati Sahu
Assistant Manager
Better astrologer than others in India. He has excellent astrological skills and experience. Genuine and Accurate Predictions ,astrologer with successful remedies.
Priya Mishra
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