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Vedic Astrology is the first time ever way to check the Horoscope matching in a scientific way and proven technique of horoscope matching depend on various nakshatras (Lunar Constellations), which is known as gunamilap or Ashtakootmilan. The kundali matching technique allocates points for things that control the marriage. The good points result in the high possibility of success in a married life. However, the technique is not limited to just marriage and can be easily followed for the compatibility examination between girl and boy with some small modification.

Moreover, the astrologer also considers horoscope matching in more technical manner. If somebody wishes to find the horoscope of his daughter match with a possible son in law, then an astrologer should basically check the subsequent perspective of life:

Long life, Health, Nature, hostile nature, despair, Separative tendencies, Sentiments, Cohesive Nature, Ability to make children, job, Character and Sexual Compatibility at the same time.

All the points are covered under the scientific reading of horoscope with Ashtkoot Gun Milan right in the matching of Horoscope.



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