Composite Report | Composite Life Report- 20 yrs.


Below mentioned information can be given in the report made of life predictions whichever are applicable or possible in your life.

Marriage: Love affairs, right Timing of marriage, sexual life, union and love marriage, etc.

Health: The possible timing of disease, the possibility of surgery, transits. You can also know that what kind of diseases you might face. You will find an accidental death or simply a natural death.

Career & Financial Prospects: When you get a job, problems in career, change in job/business, right timing of the change of job among others.

Education: Fondness for studies, intelligence level and success in exams, success in interviews and competition exams etc.

Litigation: What kind of litigation could happen to you, the result of litigation, custody, possible reasons for imprisonment etc?

Property: When you purchase the property, opt for a loan, home, office or commercial property purchase in installments, etc.

Purchase of Vehicle: Mixture & timing of buy of vehicles, the gift of the vehicle, purchase through loan and color of the vehicle among others.

Travel:Where you will visit, transits, settling abroad or coming back to the motherland, etc.

Children: The right time to conceive of a child, here the horoscope of the couple both male and female is compulsory, timings of pregnancy and miscarriages among others.

You can Ask any question Related to your life.

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