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The process of Birth time rectification is commonly used to find out the birth time of a person. It is really helpful for the people who are unknown or uncertain for the birth time. Rectification is quite significant and many times essential as without a birth time, you cannot precisely analyze the birth chart of a person. Just through evaluating the important dates and even facts related to an individual life with the right birth charts, the professional astrologer can suppose the possible time of birth.

In case, you are not confident about the time of birth, you can find the time of birth time rectified by sharing us the past events of your life. The events in past could be your engagement, job change, love affair, postponement, accidents, sickness, foreign travel or any particular event directly linked to you of significant you can plan of. It is important to share about 5 events along with the month and even year. The Birth time rectification report will be provided to the client in just 5-7 working days.

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